Why should I adopt a Marshall?
First, they are absolutely delicious! Second, you’ll be helping to ensure this rare American treasure will be around in sufficient numbers for future generations to enjoy. Third, you’ll be supporting local agriculture as this berry is best fresh from the garden.

What comes in my package?
You will receive, via 2-day delivery, one uniquely numbered baby Marshall Strawberry plant in a hand-sewn container with a metal numbered tag. Also included are care instructions to keep the plant healthy and happy. You can also see how to care for your plant here.

Only 1 plant?
Right now Marshall strawberry plants are very limited in quantity. With proper care, your babies should fruit in May/June and throw more runners (baby plants) in late summer so your collection can continue to grow with each season.

How does your shipping work?

All Marshalls must be sent via 2-day shipping to assure that they arrive healthy and happy. One plant is $45, which includes shipping. Folks local to Brunswick, Maine can arrange to pick up their plant and shipping will be waived. At this time we can only ship within the continental U.S.

How can I order?
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My Marshall was damaged upon delivery, what should I do?
If your Marshall arrives damaged due to shipping please photograph the box and container and immediately contact Leah. She will be able to issue you a new plant.

What is your return policy?
All Marshalls are final sale. No returns. When they leave Leah’s garden, they will be well-rooted, happy and healthy. After arrival Leah loses control of care.

Where is sales tax charged?
Sales tax will be charged on all sales in Maine.

Can I grow my Marshall in the city?
Of course! Leah has had great success with urban gardening. See our plant care page for instructions.

Can I send the Marshall as a gift?
Absolutely! The Marshall would make a beautiful gift. Please indicate in the purchase notes that this is a gift and she will send it to your intended with a hand-written note.

When will my Marshall fruit?
Marshalls are June bearing and fruit in late spring/early summer if the plant is happy and healthy. PLEASE NOTE, Marshalls need to be outside to fruit as they need access to pollinators. You can hand pollinate inside, but yields will be extremely low.

How do I get my name added to the Marshall Journey map?
This happens automatically after shipping.

It’s fall, can I still plant Marshalls?
Yes! Planting Marshalls in your garden in the fall will prepare them for overwintering and earlier, more abundant fruiting in the spring. To adopt plants for fall 2015 please click here.

How can I contact Leah if my questions are not covered here?
Order Phentermine Canada to contact Leah