Plant Care

When Marshall Arrives
Unpack the Marshall as soon as it arrives. Place the pot on a saucer or in a small bowl in a sunny window and water it. The travel pot is porous and dries out VERY quickly, so keep the Marshall moist until transplant. Transplant the Marshall into the garden or a container within a few days of receiving it.

Transplanting into the Garden
Marshalls are June bearing strawberries. Which means they will fruit only once per season sometime between May and July depending on the weather conditions. Plant outside in spring as soon as the ground can be worked or in late summer/early fall to give plants enough time to settle in before winter.

Choose a sunny location with good drainage, preferably not where nightshades were previously grown. Make certain the crown is above the ground and the roots below. Buy Phentermine Online China to see a┬ánice illustration on the correct way to transplant a strawberry. Fertilize with ideally with an organic mixture of composted manure, compost and peat. Marshalls prefer firm contact with the soil after transplant. So tamp the soil around the roots down well and water immediately. It’s always good practice not to transplant not in the hottest part of the day to give the plants time to adjust.

Transplanting into Containers
Marshalls are large for strawberry plants and develop a significant root ball. Ideally each plant should have it’s own 4-5 gallon container with excellent drainage. Use potting soil not soil from the outside as it might be get too compact over time. Organic liquid fertilizer for fruits and vegetables works great for Marshalls in pots. See above for site selection and transplantation recommendations. Right now Leah’s whole crop is in containers, and they are flourishing.

If your Marshall is happy and healthy, it should fruit sometime late May to early July. Once fruiting is complete, the plant will reproduce and send out runners (baby plants) so your collection can continue growing. Marshall is a hybrid and will does not reproduce genetically true from seeds.

Please feel free to Order Phentermine Canada Leah with any questions.