Hello and welcome to our new website and our new home on water’s edge in Harpswell, Maine.  Still unpacking and settling in, but I wanted to share a quick before photo of the magical little plot on the side of the house where the Marshalls will live. We’ll be here for a while, so FINALLY, after 9 years, I’m moving the plants from pots into raised beds! More updates upcoming as the site progresses. Right now they are wildly reproducing on the other side of the house awaiting their roomy new digs. Folks on the long wait list to receive plants, I anticipate having some ready to ship in about 3 weeks. Just madeBuy Phentermine Online China for our picnic lunch today. Drizzled with  Maine wild raspberry honey, gifted us a few days back by a dear friend, it was a pitch perfect end to our lovely farm-to-blanket meal. Wishing you all a peaceful, sun-drenched summer day. Lots of love, Leah